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Sustainable. Viable. Responsible.

"Unser klares Bekenntnis zu nachhaltigem Handeln haben wir bereits im Heraeus Konzernleitbild dargelegt", erkl?rt Jan Rinnert, Vorsitzender Heraeus Holding Gesch?ftsführung

"As a family-owned company with a long-term orientation, we have naturally focused on sustainability in our business activities for generations. Those who aim to succeed in the long term must responsibly manage all the resources involved in the value creation chain. This includes the employees, and particularly the raw materials. Sustainability is consequently an important corporate principle for Heraeus.

Our economic success largely stems from business activities that pursue the goals of sustainability. We focus on businesses in the areas of the environment, health care, and mobility. With our Sustainability Report, we are documenting the areas of activity that underpin our sustainable conduct and the goals we have set for the future."

Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Management Heraeus Holding GmbH

With this sustainability report, Heraeus documents which fields of action are at the forefront of its sustainable actions and which goals the company has set itself for the future.

To achieve the company's goals, it is crucial to make sustainability performance measurable, transparent and thus comprehensible. In the sustainability report, Heraeus reports on the status of implementation and highlights outstanding measures and commitment at the various locations.

Additional documents and information about our sustainable practices:

Responsibility Management at Heraeus
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Responsible management at Heraeus

At Heraeus, we value responsible conduct highly, and it contributes to our long-term success. Those who aim to succeed in the long term must deal responsibly with resources, their social environment, business partners and employees.

Heraeus sources its precious metals exclusively from mines, which have been audited onsite to ensure that they comply with the Code of Conduct.
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Sustainable procurement and trade with raw materials

The business success of Heraeus also significantly depends on our suppliers. Because sustainable value creation requires a shared commitment, Heraeus includes its suppliers in its strategy for sustainability.

We are constantly sounding out potential opportunities for savings and improving our resource cycle management. One excellent example is precious metal recycling at Heraeus.
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Sustainability in production

We take responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions at our locations, protecting the environment and conserving resources. The precautionary principle guides our actions, in order to proactively prevent or minimize negative impacts on the environment and human health.

Leadership culture and talent management plays a key role.
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Responsibility as an employer

We expect and encourage respect and appreciation as the foundations for all good collaboration. We regard leadership and excellence as crucial strategic levers for achieving our goals and moving the organization forward. This also includes supporting and advancing the careers of women in scientific and technical fields. Our attractiveness as an employer determines whether we can hire and retain motivated, committed, and talented people for the future.

Civic engagement at Heraeus
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Civic engagement at Heraeus

Civic engagement is an integral component of how we see ourselves and our corporate culture at Heraeus. As an employer, business partner, and neighbor, we maintain good relationships with those around us and contribute to regional value creation at our locations. In addition, a portion of the company’s profits flows into foundations that underpin the broadly diversified civic engagement of the Heraeus founding family.

Tore Prang

Executive Vice President Communications & Marketing

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